all the new Flower Fairies
figurines and accessories!
your indoor or outdoor garden
scene by using real or artificial
plants for endless imaginative play.
your Flower Fairies world
using our imaginary moss
and flower accessories.
Using your starter planter kit, chose your fairies
and accessories to create your own Flower Fairies
play ground or picnic scene.
Collect. Create. Imagine.

The new Flower Fairies Secret Garden line is specifically designed for miniature gardening. Produced and safety tested using durable plastic, Flower Fairies Secret Garden gives kids and all fairy gardeners, a high quality, affordable product line to Collect, Create and Imagine their own fairy world.

Collectors of all ages will appreciate the realistic look, stunning colors and great stories of the Flower Fairies brand.

Introducing 8 new Flower Fairies characters and a full line of accessories to create your imaginary or real miniature gardens.