How To Transform Your House To A Flower Paradise

If you want to turn your home into a floral palace, it is quite easy. All you have to do is make a plan, get the flowers you want to plant and you can go right ahead and transform your living quarters into a veritable paradise. You can even get a bit of floral wipe clean tablecloth and get some ideas on how to arrange your flowers from the tablecloth design.

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Flowers for Your Living Room

The living room is a great place to start. Get your flower pots and paint them white. This is the right colour for flower pots in your living room and it would blend perfectly with your walls and furniture. The next steps is to fill these flower pots with fertile soil and then you add a bit of water to the soil.

Now, you are ready to plant your flowers. You can get seeds from reputable florist and plant your flowers directly from the seeds. On the other hand, you can simply get stems and plant from the young stems of already growing plants. Both options will give you great results if you take care of the plants properly. Note that not all plants do well indoors and this is why you have to consult an expert to recommend the right flowers. In any case, if you notice that the flowers in your living room are not getting enough sunlight, you might consider investing in grow lights because these lights mimic the sun's rays and they can help your flowers.

Flowers for Your Front Garden 

Your front garden is the one place that needs extra care. This is because visitors to your house will always see this part of the house. For this reason, you should plan this garden down to the fine details. Begin with creating a flower bed then use decorative stones to mark the borders of the garden. Get the right soil, fertilize the soil and water it properly. After you have done all these things, you can bring home the flower seeds and the stems you intend to plant. Once you are ready to plant, you should choose the right time of the day to plant your flower seeds and put the stems in the soil. The right time to plant is the sunset. This will give your flowers time to adjust before the sun's rays hit them the next morning. The flowers in your front garden should be arranged in rows so that the colours truly stand out. When these flowers start to bloom, visitors to your house will be wowed by the colours of the petals as well as the sweet fragrance coming from these plants. 

Flowers in the Back Garden

Your back garden also needs flowers so you should make provision for this as well. You don't have to make the back garden as elaborate as the front garden but you should plant many flowers here as well. Finally, you should have lights to illuminate both gardens at night. This way, the beauty of these flowers will be visible day and night.